Regional Awards

The application for the OMLA Regional Awards can be found below.  Regional Awards will be presentated at our annual conference each year.  You can submit an online application at this time.

Nomination Criteria:  Each of the eight OMLA Regional Representatives may present awards to outstanding members in their geographic area for their commitment and contributions to middle level education.

  • All OMLA members are eligible to nominate a candidate.
  • Nominee may be a teacher, administrator, parent, outstanding middle level program or activity, or exemplary school.
  • Candidate nominated must be a current member of the Ohio Middle Level Association.

Criteria for Evaluation of Nominations

  • Nominee promotes the middle school concepts through involvement in exemplary programs, leadership, or research that serves the needs of middle level students.
  • Candidate nominated is involved at the local, regional, and state levels.
  • Nomination must be received by the regional representative by the posted deadline.

Awarding the Honor

  • Regional representative and the regional associate representatives determine the winners of the award for each region based on established criteria.
  • A maximum of four winners may be awarded in each region.
  • The Regional Awards are presented at the annual state conference.
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Please identify an area below that supports and serves the needs of middle level students.