Educator of the Year

The Educator of the Year is awarded at our annual conference each year. The application can be found below.  It can submitted online or by mailing in a hard copy using the address on the application.

Educator of the Year Application

Nomination Criteria

The Educator-of-the-Year award is the most distinguished honor the Ohio Middle Level Association can bestow upon an individual to recognize his or her contributions to middle level education.

  • Nominator must be a current member of the Ohio Middle Level Association
  • Individual nominated may be a teacher, administrator, or parent.
  • Nominee must be a current member of the Ohio Middle Level Association.
  • Previous recipients may not be nominated for the award.

Application Criteria

  • Nominated individual promotes the middle school concept through involvement in exemplary programs, leadership, or research that serves the needs of middle level students.
  • The candidate is involved at the local, regional, and state levels.

Awarding the Honor

  • A committee of the Ohio Middle Level Association Executive Board members will review all applications and determine the award recipient.
  • The selected Educator-of-the-Year will be recognized at the OMLA annual state conference.


Ohio Middle Level Association Educator of the Year Award
Previous recipients who are not eligible for this award:

1979 Burt Reed 1994 Susan Wynn 2009 Jack Berckemeyer
1980 Gordan Vars 1995 William Kaderly 2010 Dona Gardner Klein
1981 Vince Barra 1996 Dana Cowardin 2011 Tom Burton
1982 Herb Broda 1997 Ed Vittardi 2013 Patricia Grove
1983 John Haschak 1998 Diana Haap 2014 Jay Clark
1984 Bob Edwards 1999 Barbara Miller 2015 Wendy Fragasse 
1985 Rob Hayden 2000 Steve Raines 2016 Nancy Wanyerka
1986 Wayne Ambrose 2001 Nancy Poliseno 2016 James Trogdon
1987 Helena Sturkey 2002 Don Jostworth 2017 Kyle Leatherman
1988 Larry Lewis 2003 Janet Litzel 2018 Michelle Koussa
1989 Charlotte Wagner 2004 David Kommer 2019 Lorrie Kubaszewski
1990 Gordon Gerber 2005 Charles Beard 2020 Coming Soon!
1991 Philip Binkley 2006 Ferald Manganella  
1992 Joe Mucciarone 2007 Shannon Federinko  
1993 Tom Bletcher 2008 John Swaim  



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