Team of the Year

The Team of the Year is awarded at our annual conference each year.  The application for the 2021 Team of the Year can be found below. You can submit an online application if you would like to do so.  

2021 Team of the Year Application

The Team of the Year award is the most distinguished honor the Ohio Middle Level Association can bestow upon an interdisciplinary team of middle level teachers to recognize its accomplishments with students and contributions to middle level education. A monetary award of $1,000.00 will be presented to the team to use in any way it chooses.

Nomination Criteria

  • The nominator must be a current member of the Ohio Middle Level Association.
  • All OMLA members are eligible to nominate a candidate.
  • Nominated team members must be OMLA members (individual or part of a building membership).
  • Previous recipients may not be nominated. An interdisciplinary team may not receive the award more than once.
  • There is no limit to the number of times a team may be nominated (with the exception of a team receiving the award).

Application Criteria

  • Nominated teaching team’s goals, procedures, and accomplishments must promote the middle school concept and align with research-based best practices that are academically rigorous and developmentally responsive to the needs of young adolescents.

Criteria include, but are not limited to, how the team has done the following:

  • Advancement of Middle Level Philosophy in the School and Community.
  • Team Building, Identity and Cohesion.
  • Integrated/Interdisciplinary Curriculum Planning and Instruction.
  • Increased Student Achievement/Growth.
  • Demonstrating Flexible use of Time.
  • Culture and Community.
  • The school organization supports interdisciplinary teaming.
  • The nomination must be received by the posted deadline.

Scoring Rubric

Awarding the Honor

  • A committee of the Ohio Middle Level Association Executive Board members will review all nominations.
  • If multiple teams meet the selection criteria on paper, the two or three highest rated will be visited. The highest rated team after visitations will receive the recognition.
  • The selected Team of the Year will be recognized at the OMLA annual state conference.
  • If no teams meet the selection criteria, the award will not be given.


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Team Information
Nominator Information

Please type a narrative of 1000 words or less to this form stating the basis for this nomination. Be specific in identifying the reasons for the nomination, including (but not limited to) an explanation of how the team has:

1. Advancement of Middle Level Philosophy in the School and Community
2. Team Building, Identity and Cohesion
3. Integrated/Interdisciplinary Curriculum Planning and Instruction
4. Increased Student Achievement/Growth
5. Demonstrating Flexible use of Time
6. Culture and Community