Support educators who serve young adolescents between the ages of 10-15 years of age.


Spring 2017-2018 | Vol. 42 No. 3

In the Middle is the official newsletter of the Ohio Middle Level Association and is published three times per year.


Student voice is an essential component of high-quality middle grades instruction. As young adolescents develop their own opinions, coupled with their strong sense of fairness and equity, engaging our students requires providing them opportunities to include their own voice. As a result of the horrible school shootings in Parkland, Florida, the power of student voice is becoming more and more evident. Regardless of your stance on the issues surrounding this tragedy, we can all agree that ensuring secure and safe schools should be a priority. Even someone with rudimentary knowledge of human needs should understand that we cannot expect high achievement if students don't feel safe in their classrooms. Unfortunately, some are quick to dismiss these Stoneman Douglas High School students. In my opinion, witnessing these adolescents' passion and engagement is inspiring - their courage and synergy is an example for the adults.



President's Message

Jay Clark

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