Teaming Award

OMLA Component Award Teaming

Application Deadline: Deadline Has Passed

Component Award Description

Schools that embrace middle school philosophy utilize and promote teaming.

Application Criteria

  • Schools that apply must be current OMLA Institutional Members.
  • A school may apply for a component award in more than one area.
  • A school that has received a component award cannot be nominated for a component award in the same area for the following two years.
  • Applications must be received by the posted deadline.
  • Applicant provides documentation that demonstrates exemplary practices in the specific Component Award area.

Awarding the Honor

  • A committee of the Ohio Middle Level Association Executive Board members will review all applications.
  • Applicants that meet the criteria on paper are notified and a site-visitation team of OMLA members and/or consultants is scheduled to verify the middle level component practice.
  • Recipients will be recognized at the state conference awards reception with a plaque honoring their accomplishment.

All criteria below must be addressed in the written application to be considered.

Criteria/Rating Scale

4 – Accomplished  3 – Proficient  2 – Developing  1 – Limited/No evidence

Award Criteria

  • Criterion 1 There is a display of team pride, student ownership, clearly defined student expectations, and a sense of community.
  • Criterion 2 Team members have autonomy with their assigned students including flexible scheduling for large and small group activities and/or grouping and regrouping students based on student needs.
  • Criterion 3 Teams devise lessons, techniques, and assessments that are appropriate to the needs of young adolescents.
  • Criterion 4 Consistent, ongoing communication/collaboration between parents and teams is evident.
  • Criterion 5 Professional development opportunities enhance teaming.

Applications must be mailed or emailed to the addresses listed below by January 10, 2016.

Adam Taylor
Bridgetown Middle School
3900 Race Road
Cincinnati, OH 45211
Phone: 513-574-3511

Mike Kaufield
Teays Valley West Middle School
200 Grove Run Rd.
Commercial Point, OH 43116
Phone: 740-983-5000 or 614-877-4297


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