Kathy Hunt Ullock Memorial Scholarship

The Ohio Middle Level Association is offering a $500 scholarship to one deserving pre-service teacher who is an active member of CMLA. The scholarship is to be used toward books, tuition, or professional development that will help carry out the middle level philosophy and legacy of Kathy Hunt Ullock. To have known Kathy was certainly to love everything about her. The passion and educational expertise she provided everyday helped transcend life in the middle. She was a friend to all and provided endless amounts of time for not only OMLA but to middle level education across the country.

2020 Kathy Hunt Ullock Memorial Scholarship Application

2020 Kathy Hunt Ullock Memorial Scholarship Application PDF Fillable

Applying for the Scholarship

  • Must be a college junior, senior, or grad student in Ohio, AND an individual member of OMLA.
  • Must attend OMLA Annual Conference (information session during college strand).
  • Active members of local CMLA chapters will be given additional consideration.
  • Complete online or paper form and mail to address below. There is no fee to apply.


Read and reflect on "50 Things That Great Teams Do" by Kathy Hunt

  1. Your philosophy of middle level education
  2. What new ideas/theories have you learned after reading “50 Things That Great Teams Do”
  3. How will you implement the ideas and carry out the legacy of Kathy Hunt in the classroom?
  4. Recipient will be asked to write a summary for the OMLA newsletter describing how he or she has used the scholarship.
  5. Email essay to Tom Burton (tom0616@hotmail.com) by January 31, 2020.


  • A committee of OMLA Executive Board members will review all applications and determine the winning recipient.
  • Applicants will receive written notice by March 1, 2020 regarding scholarship status.
  • Scholarship recipient will receive a $500 check.
  • Scholarship must be used toward tuition, books, or professional development related to education, and recipient must provide a written or typed summary of how he or she has used funds.

Application Deadline: January 29, 2020.

Send completed application to:

Tom Burton
3906 East Kemper Rd.
Sharonville, OH 45241


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